Saturday, March 13, 2021

It's been a while since we had our deep well put in, and I thought I'd update a bit. The well is great, so far as working and maintenance goes. On our shallow well, we had to run a brooder/heat lamp to the well house and wrap it in a tarp to keep the switch from freezing in winter. Not so with a deep well, it's all underground. No frozen well this year, and it's been cold! So that's good. On the not so good side, the water is rusty. Like, leaves a dusty film of it on the tub, sometimes dishes from the dishwasher, and it is yellow from rust. With the shallow well, we had sand. Now, we have rust. We think it might be the water heater, caused by all the sand before. We don't have $400 to replace it right now. Dh wants to get in there and drain it and see if that helps. It heats fine. So, we have water delivered for a dispenser from Crystal Springs. It's great water. We cook and drink it, and only bathe and wash clothes and dishes with the tap water. Like I said, straight into a glass and it is yellow. Turns the inner dishwasher and my washer yellow/orange. So far no yellowing of whites, but we don't have many of those. Other news, I've laid about 75% of the weed fabric down around the front and entry side of the house, in prep for a pine straw delivery next month, hopefully. I'll finish it once I'm sure the ant bed at one corner is truly dead. lol After that, I want to get some hardy plants for the border, and some bright red azaleas for our yard edges. Perhaps some pink pampas grass for the drive, DH hates that stuff, and some red flowering trees....cant think of the name right now. Prob won't happen all at once, but I hope to make a start. My porch is covered with pollen. Sigh. As we are not entertaining, I ignore it. Fortunately, none of us have allergies. The pond area is filling with growing pine trees, and it is making me nuts. I wanted to get out in the winter and chop them down, but Dh is often under the weather. We need to win the lottery!


  1. I almost wish our property had a well instead of city water. It would be one less bill to worry about but the horror stories scare me!
    We finally took down our swimming pool and I might ask the Lord for a green thumb so I can plant a garden in its place.

    1. I'd like a garden, but the deer are plentiful here. A deep well is pretty much hassle free, though of course as it ages, as with anything, repairs and replacements need to be made.

      As to water quality, its best to ask neighbors about their wells and experience. If we can ever replace the water heater, I think we'll be golden for a long time.

      I'd like a pool, but so many here sell them every fall or spring. Does the pump wear out in a year? Just get tired of cleaning it? If we could afford an in-ground, we'd have that.

      Ah, well. We can dream of the lottery, can't we? lol