Sunday, July 31, 2016

What's cookin'?

Here's our (well, let's be honest, MY) kitchen, lol. It's U shaped, with the stove on the outside wall at the bottom of the open part. If that makes sense, lol.

The cabinets are in pretty good shape, but the bases are scuffed up a bit. I'll dab them with stain pen to hide the flaws. Perhaps in 5 or so years, we'll paint them (and the trim) for an update. Right now, we're focusing on just getting in here.

Here's the Sink and Dishwasher,  located at the bottom (closed part) of the U. The sink faces the front door and living room. The DW is to the left of the sink.  The upper cabinets are really 'upper', lol. At 5', I'm going to have a time getting stuff in and out, but I'll manage. As you can see, we have some tiles to put back up.  Behind me is the dining room, and ahead/to the right a bit is the Family Room.

Here's the Stove and Ref wall. There's a walkway going from the Dining Room to the Family Room. This is the part on the back wall. Not a lot of chopping space to either side of the stove, so I'll have to adapt to chopping on the U counter behind this. The layout is fine, but I hate the lack of space by the stove.  There's a pantry to the right of the stove, and the Ref goes left, obviously. That ugly paper towel holder is going far, far away, lol. We also have to replace the range hood. They were cooking without one (not sure why) and the wood at the top of the stove is swollen and soft. Ugh. Got to figure out something about that, too.

I may have that backsplash taken down and painted, as it's not original to the house, and is held on by 2 screws! I have no idea what the prev homeowners were thinking. :(

Well, that's my Kitchen. Stay tuned tomorrow for pics of the M Bedroom!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Please come inside...

Here's the view from the front door, looking toward the back of the house.
To the left in front is the living room (with the big picture window you see in yesterday's pic).

Straight ahead in the middle is the kitchen, which oversee's all of the 'active' doings in our house. The
bar on either side will hold 3 stools apiece, for a total of 6. Not too shabby! I intend to use backless stools here, b/c with the dining area right next to it, I don't want the space to feel like a restaurant, or a bar. :D

The right side room is our dining area, at 14x10. I plan a six chair table here, even though there are three of us, because I intend to host some holidays and will need the space. Also, the room demands a
somewhat large table.

The family room is to the left of the kitchen, with the double windows. It looks like only one, but there is another next to it. We will place an antique armoire here (pics in future), and our Bowflex, treadmill and (future) rower. Our gym!

The windows in both the FR and DR look out to the pond, but we've got to bush hog some vines and young pine trees down to see it first.

Thanks for visiting today. Come back tomorrow for Kitchen pics!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Our Home

Over the next few days, as I wait for the a/c to be installed (so we can begin work), I'm going to share a few pics of our home with you.

It is a 2008 Fleetwood Eagle Trace. Yes, it is a mobile home. Aside from carpet and a/c, a few loose tiles, and needing paint to refresh (my choice, we could live with it as is), it's in really good shape. We got a really good deal here, and I can definitely see many years of happy celebrating and decorating in this house.

I'll start the tour with a 'full frontal'.

Please excuse the poor color, this is a pic of a pic. It's beige vinyl with black shutter and dark black shingles (not light colored ones as it seems).  There are 3br, 2 baths, LR, FR, Dining and Kitchen, and a HUGE laundry room (seriously, it's as big as our bedroom, and that's saying something).

We plan to paint the stained railing white, stain the porch floor (and ceiling), replace the missing railings that you see against the house, and remove those weird bushes on the right. Also some landscaping, a porch swing and patio set. To begin with, lol. :D

I'll share more tomorrow, so stay tuned for pics from Little Pond!

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Welcome to Life on Little Pond.

This journal is to follow the renovation of and adventures in our new home, located in the pine woods of a rural county in Georgia. We have 6.11 acres, 2300sf home, and a...little pond, lol.

The pond has fingerling bluegill in it, a few a bit larger (palm sized, maybe) and one or two eating sized catfish. We closed on it today, and we have a lot planned for this place, so let's get started!

Here's a list of some things we need and want to do:


Fix a single piece of loose siding
Stain/paint porch
Repair screen on window
Add a shop for DH and a carport



Cornice Board and window treatments (shades, sheers)


Window treatments (see above)


Window treatments (see above, these are all the same)

BR 1 and 2



Tiles (repair only)
Countertop repair (reglue laminate)
Sink leak?


Fix gas fireplace?


Tile repair around tub
New light fixtures above sinks


New light fixtures above sink

Laundry Room

Repair edging of counters
Repair Hot water heater cover/sheetrock

That's the short list, lol.
This home was built in 2008 (the year our son was born, actually), and really only needs
cosmetic work to freshen it up. Aside from the A/C, which will be new, as the previous owners
stole the original when they left. Ugh.

Stay tuned, it will take a while (we can't do much until we close on our current home around Aug 15, then it really kicks into high gear, but we're going to have a ball!

Welcome to Little Pond!