Monday, August 29, 2016

Little bit closer

So, carpet is done and looks lovely.
Paint is finished and made a world of difference.

I hate to leave it when we come back to our current house. :(
Starting Wednesday, we begin moving furniture in, woohoo!

That should take a day for the main stuff. The little things,
like kitchen stuff, books/movies, clothes, ect will be moved
Thurs and Fri.

BUT, sigh. We won't be able to move in till around the 12th,
b/c our master bedroom furniture won't be there til the 9th,
and the refrigerator until the 13th. We also have to have the
TV and Internet services moved over. Got to schedule them
maybe tomorrow.

Drake will likely be on a mattress on the floor, as the bedrails
for his bed (a 4 in one crib/bed) haven't shipped yet. Should
have ordered them when we bought the crib, sigh.

We'll be using our small, 4 person dining table until I can get
a 7' one built custom (sounds fancy, but it's only $400 for the
table and a bench to fit), and find chairs I like.

MIL's room (the third bedroom) is up to her to decorate and
furnish as she likes. I'll post pics once she starts. We have to
get the drains changed, the sink lines replaced, the tile that
fell put back.

And oh yes, that stinky water issue. Gonna get that filter
system asap!

Stain and hang the mantel for our fireplace, put up the shelves
in the second bathroom, and we'll be good inside. I think, lol.

Outside, we want to stain and paint the porch, and move the
steps to the front of the porch for a better look. My painter
guys gave me a great quote on that. We have to have Dh's
shop constructed, after we pour the concrete foundation, and
then get a carport for the end/side of the house.

Maybe, if we have any left over, we'll get a second way of
going and have some left over. Cross your fingers!

Dining room

Ready to dine! So clean and it.

Living room

Late evening, not complete.

Cabinet in place

Family room, not complete.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Crisis Averted

I hope.
I woke to a phone call this am, from a man who was to see about building a deck for us.
B/c of the water issue, that money is now allocated for water issues. The man was kind
enough, though, to share with me what to do.

He has, or had, stinky water as well. While a deep well will probably fix the smell, it is
costly, and fortunately, it seems there is an alternative.  Following his instructions, I took
a sample of the water straight from the well to our local plumbing and electrical supply

They test the water for free and tell you what to do to improve it. We need a sulfur/iron
filter system. Cost? $575 plus tax. Sounds way better than $3700, right? Once we sell our
current home and have the money in hand,  I'm calling the installer guy to put this in place.

Say a prayer, folks!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Well water woes

Or...Timmy's in the Well! (at

Perhaps we should change this place's name from Little Pond, to Big Investment.
Or Money Pit. Sigh...

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Not welcome!


Our neighbors

Gopher Tortoise! I have a few more pics, but he/she wouldn't show their face, lol. It was the size of a dinner plate, I'd say. The painters said they've seen a deer crossing the driveway late in the evening, and we've seen tracks around the pond as well. This is a wildlife haven!

Another neighbor, much more friendly, is Juice. He's our next door neighbor's (the only one we have) dog. Goofy and silly and very affectionate, he hops the low fence and comes to see us each time we go out to the house. He's such a sweetie!

Pic of him here later, ugh.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cool, but smelly

Fridge is ordered, after much angst (story on, to be delivered Sept 1. However, the water has a bad (as in sewage) smell. Sigh.

Have a man coming to check it out, let's hope it's fixed soon. Problems, problems. The man did say that this was an issue all down the highway where we are going to live. Hopefully there's an easy fix. Online gives me several causes and solutions, so we'll see.

Painting continues. We go tomorrow to check on progress and see about the water at the pump/source. Once this is taken care of, we have to see about the kitchen sink leak (prob the lines, easy) and check the laundry sink as well.

B/c of an issue with our current house, it seems that mobile home manufacturers have difficulty with water lines. At least Fleetwood does (we had problems right away with ours). Carpet comes Thursday, and I can't wait to see it go down.

The snafu with selling our current place maybe resolved (or nearly so). I hope so, we have more projects to do!

Time drags slowly.

Will we ever get into our house???

Sunday, August 14, 2016

One step closer...

So, over the last few days the painters have finished about 75% of priming our house. The laundry room, smaller bath, kitchen (tiny area) and dining room have yet to be started. They are trying to finish the 'carpeted' areas of the house before the carpet guys come Thursday. Then, they'll get the last of it.

Today we went out there to do some measuring for the new refrigerator, as well the porch height (we've decided to move the stairs to the front of the porch). All told, we were 'home' about 45 minutes around 6pm.

The sun was getting low and shining through the family room windows with a lovely glow. It landed on the primed wall of the family room and the color was a cheerful yellow. Over in the living room on the front of the house, away from direct light, it mellowed to soothing cream. So nice! I didn't plan on there being so much yellow in the paint (but it is GOLD coast white, after all), but I like it. Once we get the curtains and shades up it will all smooth out.

We picked up our Armoire (capital A b/c this thing is HUGE) in Savannah yesterday (at The Stuff Store). Not sure how old it is, but vintage at least. And big. It will go on the end wall of the family room (where we'll keep our gym equiptment). I hope it will warm up the space and keep it from being to techno/industrial, lol.

Told you it was big, lol. It stands nearly 8 feet tall! Took 4 grown men to lift it, just the TOP part, from the dolly to the trailer, and another 4 to get it on the porch at home for the dolly. Crazy, but I couldn't say no.

I am so, so ready to get to the 'fun part' of our new home. Buying curtains, a dining set, new towels, ect. But I must be patient. It will happen, and it will be worth it.

Repeat that, 10,000 times, lol.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

What's happening today...

On Thursday, the painters dropped off the paint and began cutting in.
Here you can see the cut-ins next to the old wallboard/original color. Going to be quite the difference!

Yep, QUITE the difference! This is the corner of the master bedroom, with one coat of tinted
primer up. They've also got the Mbath, LR and FR cut in and primed, as well as the laundry/br vestibule as well.

For comparison, here's our current living room color, Jute. Not sure who makes this, but I think it might be Glidden? It's been up a few years, and I am SO ready for light, bright and airy. It's kind of like living in a cave!

Gold Coast White (Glidden) for the WIN!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Our Namesake

Little Pond, in real life.

Or, A man and his dog.
Actually, the dog is the neighbor's, but the man is mine, lol.

As its name implies, it is indeed a 'little pond', but it is ours, and we love it!

Plans include someday widening and deepening the pond, adding more fish, a screened pond house, some Adirondack chairs, a fire pit, ect. I want to plant a Weeping Willow in one corner, if I can get one to grow in the sandy soil.  Someday!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The clean machine

Or, Laundry Room, part 2

This is taken from the far corner of the former laundry pic. The door to the interior of the house
is to the left. Ahead we see the back/side door that will lead to the yard and carport. The laundry area is to the left of that. The white cabinet is a built in ironing board. The bench seat is to the right of the door, and the long line of cabinets and shelving is as well.

This is looking from the back door. The laundry area is to the right. You can see here the door to the rest of the house, and the laundry drop cabinet that opens to the hall on the other side. There are shelves above the drop.

And that's my laundry room. Lots of cleaning going on in here (someday).
Everyone sees it and asks if it's a second kitchen, lol. It's big enough to be!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Bedroom, Part 2

Here's a few pics of things I didn't show, but mentioned earlier.

The triple windows in our master bedroom.

Sitting room. You can see the kitchen and edge of the dining area through the door.

Update on work: All carpet and padding is up and gone. All window hardware is gone.
To do: Pull/pound staples for padding, sweep and prep for painting next week.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Laundry, 5c

Remember how I told you that our laundry room was HUGE?
Here ya go!

This is HALF the room. To the left is a bench with shoe storage under and hooks above, as well as small cubbies above those. Behind me is the actual laundry area with washer/dryer space, a wall mount ironing board and the back door. to the right is the door to the main house and a pass through linen closet. Excuse the mess, this is how it was left.

Soon, we'll get in there and clean and paint and craft and homeschool and .....!

Color my world...Gold Coast White!

Here's a link to a pic of the Gold Coast White. Really pretty and clean, and just enough color to
set it off against the white ceilings and dark trim. Speaking of, with this color, I think it (trim)
will really shine!

Image result for gold coast white in kitchen pic

Ahhh, Spa! (and a work update)

Yesterday we saw our master bedroom.
Today I'm showing a pic of the other side of the fireplace, our master bath.

Ain't she purty?? :D
Not a whirlpool, but still nice for soaking. And with the fireplace, I'll never
be cold. :D The shower is to the left, across from the 'water closet', lol, and
behind me here are double sinks and a floor to ceiling storage cabinet.

To my right are the bathroom door, and the master closet. There are also built
in shelves above the toilet, so lots of storage in here.  I love our bathroom!

Today we pulled carpet from the family and living rooms, and took down
some of the blinds and towel bars. Dh's screw gun died, so we've got to
replace it tomorrow to finish the rest of the hardware in the house.

Turns out, we ARE going to be able to hire the painting out, woohoo! So
in a few days/next week, they'll start on that. I've picked Glidden's Gold
Coast White for the entire house, minus the bottom under the chair rail in
the dining room. Not sure about that yet.

Slowly but surely, we creep closer to pulling it all together.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Sleepy Time!

I've got your Oasis right here!

Our master bedroom is 17' wide at the widest point, the bathroom door on the middle left, and 24' long. That's bigger than the living room!! It has three lovely windows, which I don't
currently have a pic of right now, and a 9' seating area (part of the 24'). The seating area is behind
me in this first pic.

Did I mention it has a fireplace?? lol
Here's a closeup. The master bath door is to the left of the fireplace, the entrance to
our bedroom further to the left, and the sitting area is also to the left.

Please excuse the flash, these are phone pics, the best I can do right now (I lost my
camera cord/old camera/blah, blah, blah).