Sunday, October 23, 2016

Morning has broken...

On Little Pond, and it is COLD!
66 in our house, so I think we'll be bringing the electric blankets out and
getting the furnace ready to go (well, it's a heat pump, but whatev).

Here's the pond this morning, from our back door.
Looks like a hot spring to me, but I'm not fooled, it's likely freezing in that basin!

 Zoomed in slightly above

Panoramic, for the full effect. Onsen, anyone? :D

Friday, October 21, 2016

New Additions

And I'm not referring to the band, lol.
Here's a few things that have changed at Little Pond, and we couldn't be more pleased.

New shop/barn for Dh, to store the mower, his go cart (huge), and tools.

Carport for us, to protect the G6. And the Avalanche, when we borrow it, lol.
That's our only side neighbor there behind the trees.

New to us dining table for 8. I'm in the party business now! It was bought used by a couple and brought from California to Georgia. I don't know anything about it, it has no brand name on it anywhere. Going to change the color to a dark stain (perhaps next year).

Big Bertha, our new frost free freezer. Now, if Dh brings down one of those deer we've been seeing, we'll have plenty of room for it. It's 20 cf, and HUGE. Has a seal on the door tighter than Fort Knox, too. :D

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Boys are in the house!

At least one is.
This handsome fella showed up last night, a 7 pointer, best we can tell.
Let's hope he brings some (male) friends. Is this the mysterious monster
of the huge tracks?

This is my best side, lol.

Count closely, there are 7 points there that we are sure of. Come to dinner, big boy!

Monday, October 10, 2016

The wild life

Look closely, there are 4 does in that pic. Dh will be over the moon!

Or maybe not, b/c where is that monster buck that's been leaving the huge hoof prints
down at the pond?

Oh well, it's a start. Corn is indeed a good motivator for photo shoots, apparently. lol

Saturday, October 8, 2016


We made it through, and here at LittlePond, relatively unscathed.

The wind was awful, the worst I've seen, but we had NO trees down, just a few small pine boughs. Up the road towards town, two trees were down on power lines, one a huge oak. A neighbor the other way had a tree down at the highway, but not on the lines or road.

In town, WOW. It hit the city hard. Almost a dozen pine trees twisted and snapped at the local playground/park, and trees down all over the city, some on houses. No deaths, that I've heard, praise the Lord.

We lost power around 10pm last night, and just got it back at 10:30 tonight, so 24 full hours without. Our freezer stuff is still frozen, so no losses there. I cooked up the eggs and sausage in fridge this morning on the grill outside, and I had water for washing up (sponge baths). We used pond water to flush the toilets.

There is no bread and little meat to be found anywhere in our county. Ice is a foreign concept. The local Harvey's Supermarket is packed, as it has power, but Walmart is closed without it. Wendy's has been around the building and into Harvey's parking lot ALL DAY.

There are about 3 other restaurants and a few stores open as of 6pm today, but there are still traffic lights out in town and many still without power.

Pray for those still in the dark, those with damages and deaths, and those dealing with this mess now (in NC/VA as I speak).

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Shelter in the storm

Matthew (hurricane) is on the way. We here in SE GA should feel it tonight and tomorrow.
This one is expected to be the worst in decades, and the coast is evacuating now.

Our town, on the main evac route, is running out of food and gas. We are expecting lots of wind
and rain, and power outages. We are prepped and ready here at Little Pond, but this storm gives me jitters. It's expected to loop around and come back!

Pray for the SE (not just GA), and the emergency workers and linemen in harms way.
Lord, be merciful!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

More fall decs

Slowly, but surely I'm getting my house ready for the season.
No mums yet, as we have Hurricane Matthew on the way,  but maybe afterwards...

Blogger is still giving me a fit about loading pics, so stay tuned, I have a LOT to share!

 Fall wreath on the big cabinet. Look closely and you can see the scarecrow head.

 Next to the cabinet, my quilt ladder, palm and pumpkins. Hate the light that makes my walls look white, ugh.

 Other side of the cabinet. If the broom fits, fly it!, with corn and pumpkins.

Remember that first near empty bookshelf? This is much better. The other one is fuller, too.

This weekend is Hurricane Matthew, but Sunday should be fair. We are far enough inland that we should get wind and rain but nothing major. Just the same, our county is one that has declared emergency, so we are being watchful as things progress.

If Sunday is fair (should be clear and 80's), we're having Ds's 8th birthday party, complete with
water slide. Prob the last of the year, too. Happy Fall, y'all