Sunday, July 31, 2016

What's cookin'?

Here's our (well, let's be honest, MY) kitchen, lol. It's U shaped, with the stove on the outside wall at the bottom of the open part. If that makes sense, lol.

The cabinets are in pretty good shape, but the bases are scuffed up a bit. I'll dab them with stain pen to hide the flaws. Perhaps in 5 or so years, we'll paint them (and the trim) for an update. Right now, we're focusing on just getting in here.

Here's the Sink and Dishwasher,  located at the bottom (closed part) of the U. The sink faces the front door and living room. The DW is to the left of the sink.  The upper cabinets are really 'upper', lol. At 5', I'm going to have a time getting stuff in and out, but I'll manage. As you can see, we have some tiles to put back up.  Behind me is the dining room, and ahead/to the right a bit is the Family Room.

Here's the Stove and Ref wall. There's a walkway going from the Dining Room to the Family Room. This is the part on the back wall. Not a lot of chopping space to either side of the stove, so I'll have to adapt to chopping on the U counter behind this. The layout is fine, but I hate the lack of space by the stove.  There's a pantry to the right of the stove, and the Ref goes left, obviously. That ugly paper towel holder is going far, far away, lol. We also have to replace the range hood. They were cooking without one (not sure why) and the wood at the top of the stove is swollen and soft. Ugh. Got to figure out something about that, too.

I may have that backsplash taken down and painted, as it's not original to the house, and is held on by 2 screws! I have no idea what the prev homeowners were thinking. :(

Well, that's my Kitchen. Stay tuned tomorrow for pics of the M Bedroom!

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