Sunday, January 29, 2017

Where have I been???

Wow, time has really gotten away from here at Little Pond!

Life continues on apace, as they say. We had a good T'giving and Christmas (though
only 6 people of 15 came, for various reasons). I had a total of 4 trees up, one of them
real (the main tree). Lots of work, but def worth it.

Now winter has settled in (kind of , we have 70 and even 80 degree days in January
here in SE Georgia), and things are pretty routine. Today, the sun is bright and the
breeze is high. My chimes are singing almost nonstop as I write this! I highly recommend
a set of the large barrel chimes. The sound is so rich and carries so well.

Dh didn't get a deer this year. Juice, the neighbor's dog that has adopted our house as his
own, always showed up and ran them off before they came from the woods. Dh is not
pleased. NOT pleased. lol

The boy has decided he'll try this hunting thing, so they spent a few times out back sitting
in the small blind and learning to be quiet and other hunting lore. He wasn't too impressed
with the cold, however. :)

MIL bought him a trampoline for Christmas, and hopefully next weekend, Dh will have
time to work on getting it put up. We've finished reglueing the tiles in the kitchen and bath,
hung a few more pieces of art, and restained some old furniture and moved it into the house.

I love to spend Tuesdays at our local thrift shop, for Home D├ęcor Day, and Fridays, for Kitchen
days. Half off the one, and .25 for the other! I've fallen into table setting and love it. Simple,
just a cloth, placemats, napkins and rings, and a centerpiece, but it really cheers up a home!
I have around 12 sets of placemats and 6 different colored cloths.  It's become my hobby, and
I find great sales at thrift stores and even Ebay to round out my stash.

And that's my life at Little Pond. Simple, easy days, enjoying this life we've been graced with.
I hope your life is as blessed.


  1. I have been tablescaping since I started blogging and now actually have a "dish room" to store all my table dishes, etc. It is therapy to me to set a new table and let my creativity come out. Thanks for coming by my blog!!!

    1. That's awesome that you have a room just for dishes! I'm only doing the cloth, placemats, and napkins/ring with a centerpiece, but I love to see a fully dressed table! THanks for stopping by Little Pond!

  2. Hi Tammy, happy to be visiting with you tonight, glad to catch up on news with you, and understand the frustration in not getting a deer, maybe next year! Setting a pretty table always does cheer a room up! Hugs to you today :)