Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tablescape Thursday!

Sounds better to do this on a Tuesday, but I'm a hopeless procrastinator. Heehee!

This red getup will be a good summer table. I don't do the whole dishes-stemware-flatware thing. I don't have enough of my 'good' china (white) for six settings, and since it's only me, dh and the boy, I keep it simple.
Also, we not only eat at this table, we homeschool, play games, do crafts and more, so it has to be readily accessible. You can see that I only have 4 of the patterned placemats, so I finish the ends with round, woven ones in a complimenting color. Sometimes, you just can't find 6 or 8 of a set you really like (at a good price), so you make do with what you have.

Now here is my purple cloth, with the pink plaid placemats. We'll see these mats in another setting below. This was a very simple table. I only folded the napkins into a diamond, no ring. Also no flowers at this point, either, or a candle in the hurricane.

As promised, here are the same placemats, paired with a pink tablecloth. Ignore the wrinkles, I ain't ironing that 72x120 monster! I figure they'll fall out with use. For a big dinner with family, I'd have it steamed and pressed, but this is everyday life, y'all.

About those mats. They are a loose weave, with the strings tied on the ends. When I got them, they were fluffy, but musty from storage. So, I washed them. Ugh. Twisted them all out of shape, loosened the strings, and shrunk them all!! I had to hand shape them back to the correct size and iron the dickens out of them to get the wrinkles out. Now they are flat as paper, lol. I won't buy another set of this kind again b/c of this, and I dread having to wash them. Still, they are pretty and go with lots of color combinations.

Here's a closer look at the plaid, and the strings. Please to be ignoring the tag still on the flowers, I cut it off right after. For reference, the cloths and napkins all come from, the placemats are Ebay and Amazon finds, the rings are mostly Ebay. The vases (green) are from a local thrift store, the clear hurricane is a Home Interiors buy from years ago, and the flowers from Dollar Tree.

And that's a couple of my tables, a glimpse at my new hobby. Happy Friday, and weekend!


  1. Beautiful tables! It is wonderful how a little bit of effort transforms a table into a pretty affair :)

  2. Hi Tammy, thanks for your visit and sweet comments. Since we moved here, I set this table like this all the time. It is just the 2 of us and we also have the TV in the corner and we also can see outside as we eat. It works for us! I see that you too, changed your table with just a few adjustments! I love playing with my dishes and tablescapes!

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