Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer, flying by

Where have I been? Spinning and spinning, seems like.
This summer has been full of fun and family, and lots of going to get it all done.
Here's a small pictoral of our days:

Hanging out in the late evening at Lake Grace (highlight: seeing the Canada geese fly over, complete with honking)
We've been spending time at Lake Grace because...CANOE!! Meet Red Feather, our Old Town Saranac 146. We love her, and have already had several adventures. This is another view of that same island above, btw.

Lake Grace from the pavilion/bathhouse side. You can again see the island in the background.

Swim lessons! He didn't really 'get' it, b/c he didn't want her let go of him. Soooo...he still can't swim, or float, or dog paddle, sigh. More lessons are in order. Still, he had a good time.

Giant grasshopper! The pic does not show how big this thing was. Very impressive.

Our Red Feather, all dressed up for the GORRR. You can see more folks in the background, and a few of the actual rafts already in the water.

Game night! Drake loves a good board game, esp when he wins. ESP when he wins against daddy, lol!

Great Oconee River Raft Run 2017
A 4.5 mile paddle from Dublin, Ga. If you look closely above, you can just see the next group of paddlers ahead of us. There are more behind, too.

One side of the landing, before the race. This is not nearly as many as were there. Yes, those girls pedaled that boat the whole way! Paddling ain't got nothing on that!

There are more pics, but that gives you an idea of our days. Hope you're having a great summer!


  1. Summer is going by so quickly! I've been wondering how you all are doing. Such pretty pictures and everyone is having fun. Have a blessed Sunday dear Tammy!

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