Saturday, August 5, 2017

A kidney for Tony

Hi all,

I think I've mentioned, either here or at my other blog (untangling the skein), about my husband's PKD. That's polycystic kidney disease, and he's in stage 4. He is also on the transplant list at Mayo Jacksonville.

We are humbly asking for help with anticipated expenses. Meds (initial, they won't let him leave the hospital without $1000 worth of them, not covered by insurance), lodging and food for me while he's in Jax (we must stay 30 days after surgery to be close to his doctors), and home expenses until he's able to return to work. 

I've estimated these to be around $7000. A scary prospect, and more than a little overwhelming.
Would you prayerfully consider donating? We appreciate it, and to God be all the glory!

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