Friday, September 2, 2016

From the cheap seats

Okay, so they weren't really cheap, but a good price nonetheless!
Here, I'm sitting on the end of the couch, looking straight ahead to the kitchen.

Because we don't yet have lamps at the new house, we used the kitchen pendants. They worked nicely for lighting in real life, but for picture purposes, not so much. Please excuse the glare!

Look closely and you can see the vignette I created atop my built in bookcase. Fall themed, of course, because I cannot wait for it to be here!

Tonight, we are in our old house, sigh, but in the morning I will continue to move things to the new place. We plan to start staying there Sunday night, and living out of a cooler and with disposable plates and cups. We are just so DONE with this house here.

Stay tuned, I'll try to get pics of the front window, door/wreath, and a better view of my fall vignette.

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