Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall things

Decorating at LittlePond!
Just a small glimpse of the overall picture, which is still taking shape.
My fall decs will be years in the making.

 This is our right bookshelf. Nothing fancy, just serviceable. The lantern is from Tractor Supply. It has LED lights inside (and only $20). Best deal I've found on one this size. The pumpkins are from Bealls, local to Ga and Fl.
This little critter makes me smile every time I see him! I found this at Cracker Barrel for $10.

Our quirky sense of humor, lol. Sign from Etsy. Pumpkin from our local women's shelter resale shop.

There's more, and more to come, so stay tuned. As fall unrolls, the decs will get bigger and better!

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  1. Lovely fall decorations Tammy. I always forget to check out Cracker Barrel for wonderful items-will have to go there soon. Have a splendid day and week. So glad you are homeschooling your son; my two daughters both homeschool their kiddos.
    Hugs, Noreen