Sunday, October 23, 2016

Morning has broken...

On Little Pond, and it is COLD!
66 in our house, so I think we'll be bringing the electric blankets out and
getting the furnace ready to go (well, it's a heat pump, but whatev).

Here's the pond this morning, from our back door.
Looks like a hot spring to me, but I'm not fooled, it's likely freezing in that basin!

 Zoomed in slightly above

Panoramic, for the full effect. Onsen, anyone? :D


  1. Oh what a beautiful sunrise! Oh and I went to look at past posts of your home and it's beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much! And you know, looking at the pond here, you are looking W/Nw. The sun rises behind you, and a bit to your right. Crazy, but still lovely.

  3. Harvest blessings to you! I love your photos of your sunrise and morning sky on the pond; my favorite is the panoramic! May your joy be full.