Friday, October 21, 2016

New Additions

And I'm not referring to the band, lol.
Here's a few things that have changed at Little Pond, and we couldn't be more pleased.

New shop/barn for Dh, to store the mower, his go cart (huge), and tools.

Carport for us, to protect the G6. And the Avalanche, when we borrow it, lol.
That's our only side neighbor there behind the trees.

New to us dining table for 8. I'm in the party business now! It was bought used by a couple and brought from California to Georgia. I don't know anything about it, it has no brand name on it anywhere. Going to change the color to a dark stain (perhaps next year).

Big Bertha, our new frost free freezer. Now, if Dh brings down one of those deer we've been seeing, we'll have plenty of room for it. It's 20 cf, and HUGE. Has a seal on the door tighter than Fort Knox, too. :D

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