Wednesday, October 5, 2016

More fall decs

Slowly, but surely I'm getting my house ready for the season.
No mums yet, as we have Hurricane Matthew on the way,  but maybe afterwards...

Blogger is still giving me a fit about loading pics, so stay tuned, I have a LOT to share!

 Fall wreath on the big cabinet. Look closely and you can see the scarecrow head.

 Next to the cabinet, my quilt ladder, palm and pumpkins. Hate the light that makes my walls look white, ugh.

 Other side of the cabinet. If the broom fits, fly it!, with corn and pumpkins.

Remember that first near empty bookshelf? This is much better. The other one is fuller, too.

This weekend is Hurricane Matthew, but Sunday should be fair. We are far enough inland that we should get wind and rain but nothing major. Just the same, our county is one that has declared emergency, so we are being watchful as things progress.

If Sunday is fair (should be clear and 80's), we're having Ds's 8th birthday party, complete with
water slide. Prob the last of the year, too. Happy Fall, y'all

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