Monday, August 29, 2016

Little bit closer

So, carpet is done and looks lovely.
Paint is finished and made a world of difference.

I hate to leave it when we come back to our current house. :(
Starting Wednesday, we begin moving furniture in, woohoo!

That should take a day for the main stuff. The little things,
like kitchen stuff, books/movies, clothes, ect will be moved
Thurs and Fri.

BUT, sigh. We won't be able to move in till around the 12th,
b/c our master bedroom furniture won't be there til the 9th,
and the refrigerator until the 13th. We also have to have the
TV and Internet services moved over. Got to schedule them
maybe tomorrow.

Drake will likely be on a mattress on the floor, as the bedrails
for his bed (a 4 in one crib/bed) haven't shipped yet. Should
have ordered them when we bought the crib, sigh.

We'll be using our small, 4 person dining table until I can get
a 7' one built custom (sounds fancy, but it's only $400 for the
table and a bench to fit), and find chairs I like.

MIL's room (the third bedroom) is up to her to decorate and
furnish as she likes. I'll post pics once she starts. We have to
get the drains changed, the sink lines replaced, the tile that
fell put back.

And oh yes, that stinky water issue. Gonna get that filter
system asap!

Stain and hang the mantel for our fireplace, put up the shelves
in the second bathroom, and we'll be good inside. I think, lol.

Outside, we want to stain and paint the porch, and move the
steps to the front of the porch for a better look. My painter
guys gave me a great quote on that. We have to have Dh's
shop constructed, after we pour the concrete foundation, and
then get a carport for the end/side of the house.

Maybe, if we have any left over, we'll get a second way of
going and have some left over. Cross your fingers!

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