Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cool, but smelly

Fridge is ordered, after much angst (story on untanglingtheskein.blogspot.com), to be delivered Sept 1. However, the water has a bad (as in sewage) smell. Sigh.

Have a man coming to check it out, let's hope it's fixed soon. Problems, problems. The man did say that this was an issue all down the highway where we are going to live. Hopefully there's an easy fix. Online gives me several causes and solutions, so we'll see.

Painting continues. We go tomorrow to check on progress and see about the water at the pump/source. Once this is taken care of, we have to see about the kitchen sink leak (prob the lines, easy) and check the laundry sink as well.

B/c of an issue with our current house, it seems that mobile home manufacturers have difficulty with water lines. At least Fleetwood does (we had problems right away with ours). Carpet comes Thursday, and I can't wait to see it go down.

The snafu with selling our current place maybe resolved (or nearly so). I hope so, we have more projects to do!

Time drags slowly.

Will we ever get into our house???

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