Monday, August 22, 2016

Crisis Averted

I hope.
I woke to a phone call this am, from a man who was to see about building a deck for us.
B/c of the water issue, that money is now allocated for water issues. The man was kind
enough, though, to share with me what to do.

He has, or had, stinky water as well. While a deep well will probably fix the smell, it is
costly, and fortunately, it seems there is an alternative.  Following his instructions, I took
a sample of the water straight from the well to our local plumbing and electrical supply

They test the water for free and tell you what to do to improve it. We need a sulfur/iron
filter system. Cost? $575 plus tax. Sounds way better than $3700, right? Once we sell our
current home and have the money in hand,  I'm calling the installer guy to put this in place.

Say a prayer, folks!

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