Sunday, August 7, 2016

The clean machine

Or, Laundry Room, part 2

This is taken from the far corner of the former laundry pic. The door to the interior of the house
is to the left. Ahead we see the back/side door that will lead to the yard and carport. The laundry area is to the left of that. The white cabinet is a built in ironing board. The bench seat is to the right of the door, and the long line of cabinets and shelving is as well.

This is looking from the back door. The laundry area is to the right. You can see here the door to the rest of the house, and the laundry drop cabinet that opens to the hall on the other side. There are shelves above the drop.

And that's my laundry room. Lots of cleaning going on in here (someday).
Everyone sees it and asks if it's a second kitchen, lol. It's big enough to be!

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