Sunday, August 14, 2016

One step closer...

So, over the last few days the painters have finished about 75% of priming our house. The laundry room, smaller bath, kitchen (tiny area) and dining room have yet to be started. They are trying to finish the 'carpeted' areas of the house before the carpet guys come Thursday. Then, they'll get the last of it.

Today we went out there to do some measuring for the new refrigerator, as well the porch height (we've decided to move the stairs to the front of the porch). All told, we were 'home' about 45 minutes around 6pm.

The sun was getting low and shining through the family room windows with a lovely glow. It landed on the primed wall of the family room and the color was a cheerful yellow. Over in the living room on the front of the house, away from direct light, it mellowed to soothing cream. So nice! I didn't plan on there being so much yellow in the paint (but it is GOLD coast white, after all), but I like it. Once we get the curtains and shades up it will all smooth out.

We picked up our Armoire (capital A b/c this thing is HUGE) in Savannah yesterday (at The Stuff Store). Not sure how old it is, but vintage at least. And big. It will go on the end wall of the family room (where we'll keep our gym equiptment). I hope it will warm up the space and keep it from being to techno/industrial, lol.

Told you it was big, lol. It stands nearly 8 feet tall! Took 4 grown men to lift it, just the TOP part, from the dolly to the trailer, and another 4 to get it on the porch at home for the dolly. Crazy, but I couldn't say no.

I am so, so ready to get to the 'fun part' of our new home. Buying curtains, a dining set, new towels, ect. But I must be patient. It will happen, and it will be worth it.

Repeat that, 10,000 times, lol.

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